Virtual Services


This is a short list of an almost unlimited amount of Virtual Services you can sell on zopora. These services can be sold to virtually anyone, anywhere. See the example list below.

Graphic Design

Offer your clients virtual Logo, Business Card, Stationery, Letterhead, Product Label & Sign Design services.

Web Design

Offer virtual Web Design Services to large, small or local business clients.


Offer clients low price Android & IOS App Design Services, with options for almost any budget by working with us.


Offer SEO Services which helps your clients increase their website traffic. SEO purposefully puts their business in front of their target audience and qualified leads.

Social Media

Offer clients a managed social media service with recurring billing or create content calendars for them that shows them what and when to post.

Quantifiable Results

Offer clients quantifiable results that are specific, measurable & that demonstrates that you have successfully accomplished the goals you set out to accomplish.

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