Digital Products


There is an almost unlimited amount of Digital Products you can sell on zopora. These products can be sold to virtually anyone, anywhere and at anytime and they never need restocking. See the example list below.

Planners & Journals

You can Share some Lifestyle tips and Routines with Clients that can be sold in a printable PDF file.

Membership Site

You can offer Clients a site with exclusive content that can only be accessed through a monthly or yearly subscription plan.


Offer access to exclusive Interviews of influential people and share insider tips, hacks and ideas. This can be sold as a one time purchase or a subscription service.

Downloadable Guides

You can offer blog specific guides to clients. Susch as, handicraft a guide or ebook  teaching people how to learn a specific skill or craft.

Templates for Designers

Photoshop templates such as product mockups, effects and layouts, Professional Business Card templates & Infographic templates.



You can offer your clients OOB Out of the Box products that are pre made and ready for sale. Products such as, Apps, Video Games, Website themes, Plugins, Code snippets and more.

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